Monday, November 14, 2011



We were going to pick up Mocha & Tucker today.  One of the vets called this morning & said, they had a warm bran mash for breakfast.........not sure if that was from a menu or if someone just wanted to spoil them.......!!!!  Maybe they ordered from room service, who knows.....!!!!  LOL

Anyway before all of our plans got finished & we got on the road, the other vet said since we hadn't gotten the blood tests back, why didn't we just leave them for another day.  Since we both had doctor appointments today & we were going to have to take 2 vehicles, it didn't take us but a moment to agree to pick them up in the morning.  

They said he's eating, drinking, nursing & bouncing all over the box stall they are in.  So I guess he's feeling better. 

Thelma has been upset since they've been gone.  Usually she is in her pen even with the gate open.  Since they've been gone she is out on the property most of the time.  I don't know if she is missing Mocha or Tucker, but I'm sure she will be happy when they come home.  

When we got home after dark, John started round-up & Pepper didn't come in.  Went out with flash lights & found him on his right side in a dusting area.  He had been there awhile, but when we flipped him over on his good side, he rested for a couple of minutes & popped right up.  Ears up & ready to go to his pen, abeit, rather slowly.  It was a bute night for the old boy.  He's learned to not try to help as much, which really makes a difference.  

I got my thumb cast off today.  The doctor said it's not healed very well because of arthritis, but should be OK, if I don't lift, push or pull with it for awhile.  We'll see how long those good intentions last.........!!!!!

Yesterday I called to see how Selena & Falena are doing.  I guess the mare finally got brave enough to chase them a little bit, so the ice is broken.  Tava said they are getting along better.  They've had to block the porch, so the girls can't get on it & try to get in the house..........!!!!  Guess the people are learning about donkeys quickly.  

Also called to see how Norton's gelding went.  Had to be put off for a few days, the vet had an emergency, so this Wednesday is the day........!!!! 

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