Wednesday, November 09, 2011


This afternoon we had company & John was letting them out of the gate, when BlackJack, "made a break for it".  Actually John was watching Quilla & one of the others on one side & BJ came around the other side & took off.  

John came in & got me, I started down the driveway & John went to get a halter & lead.  He said BJ was beside the road eating grass, but by the time I got out there he was no where to be seen.  THIS ISN'T GOOD.................!!!!!   Our company had stopped on their way out & I noticed Matt standing in the road with Mr. BJ.  I guess he was headed up to the movie site to see if all those nice folks were still there that "made" over him so much when he was in the movie.  He let us catch him & he followed John back to the driveway, until he figured out where they were going.  He finally gave up when he saw me with a quirt & followed John meekly thru the gate.  

The donkeys were all out when the people came, & really showed them what docile, love sponges they can be.  Even Rusty the mule was being social, & Thelma & Madie acted like they had done "entertain the folks" for a long time. I love it when they are good ambassadors for donkeys.  

Haven't heard from Selena & Falena's foster mom, guess I'll send her an e-mail & see how they are doing.  They have probably taken over by now.........!!!!

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