Friday, November 18, 2011


Courtney thinks Madie's lameness is an abscess, so I will be soaking for the foreseeable future I guess with epsom salts.  

Gus got a trim, took his heels down some more.  He needs to be soaked too.

Then there is Jenny.  She has a deep gash around the heel bulb & into the frog.  Yep!  order of the day..........soaking.......but with White Lightening.  

This should be fun, do I try to do all 3 at one time, or spend the whole morning doing one at a time...........decisions, decisions, decisions?  Guess I'll figure that out in the morning.

Thelma got her feet trimmed back some more.  Originally Tyler left her a little long, I'm not sure why.  But today he trimmed her to a more normal length.  I might add she was not pleased with getting a pedicure.  In fact she was a real pill about it.  At one time she was on the ground with 2 ropes on her.  

Mocha was a little more cooperative although she did show her displeasure.  They were both better than the first time though.  Hopefully now that I'm out of the cast I will be able to work with them a little bit.  

Little Drifter got his toes trimmed too.  Fronts were OK, backs not so much.  And he was pretty sure he didn't want the backs trimmed.  He let Shawn know he wasn't happy, clipped him with a kick.  Shawn just laughed & kept working.  

I've left a couple of messages for the woman that wanted him, but so far she hasn't called back.  If she doesn't want him, that would be fine with us, he's a good little guy & fun to have around. 


Kris said...

You might want to look into a product called CeanTrax for soaking all those feet. It may help everything heal a lot faster and won't dry out healthy tissue like epsom salts can. I've seen some good results with it.

Tish said...

I've never used it, I'll check it out. Thanks

Susan and Joe said...

Judy Glore at HEART used it on an abandoned TB they rescued along with the soaking boots and it really helped. You might want to ask her about it.

Tish said...
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Tish said...

Now I'll really have to check it out, my usual soaking remedies are epsom salts, White Lightening, or betadine, but I'm always open to other ideas. Thanks