Wednesday, November 23, 2011

 Jenny at the "Dentist"

Had quite a few hold outs last night, 6 or 7, with Tula the ring leader of course.  We decided they could just stay out & not get fed last night.  They have access to water if they bother to come over from Burroland, & believe me they could all miss a few meals & not know it.  

We went ahead & put hay in their pens & shut the gates.  This morning we knew they had come over here, because all the pens were moved around & the hay was gone.  Guess being wild got old with at least a few of them.  

This morning when it was time to come in, they were back in Burroland.  Not that I think they will actually go wild, but I do like to see their bright & shiny faces a time or two during the day.  So John hiked over to Burroland & ran them back.  As soon as they were thru eating, they wanted out & headed right back over there. 

Besides a couple of days ago, John heard a squabble going on, over here.  He went to see what was happening & found Justin up in the air, trying to get his neck out of Quilla's mouth..............WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?   John yelled & yelled & Quilla basically ignored him.  John finally jumped at him & Justin hit the ground running.  

Quilla is our Mr. Marshmallow, not only is he white but he is about the most non threatening animal on the property.  The only thing we can figure out is, Jenny & possibly Tula are giving the boys that "come hither" look right now.  I hate to tell Justin, but there is no way he could ever even come close to being the answer to either one of their prayers.........!!!! As a mini there's no way.  And who knew Quilla would even care.  Although John said a few weeks ago he saw Quilla romancing one of the girls.  Not bad for a guy that was only with a horse for over 9 years I guess.  And a "guy" horse at that..........!!! 

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