Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We picked Tucker & Mocha up this morning from the vet, with lots of instructions.  One of which is going to be a lot of fun, no hay for him..........!!!!  So how do I feed Mocha hay & not him?  The plan of attack right now is...........for an hour or so in the morning we'll put him in the mini's pen next to their pen & Mocha can eat hay for a little while.  This is going to be a LOT of fun.  

He weighed 24 pounds right after he was born early in Sept.  He weighs 80 pounds now, so he's obviously headed in the right direction.  He's already taller than the minis, but they still outweigh him, at least for a few months.  

John carried him out of the vet clinic, that was before he knew he weighed 80 pounds.  Tucker has also decided he doesn't like to be carried, & spends the whole time, squirming & kicking, which makes him even harder to carry.  So when we got him home, I put his little halter on him for the first time.  That & a lead to make sure he went in the pen.  We had to run thru a herd of nosy donkeys & I was afraid he'd either spook & take off, or decide he liked all the excitement & join in.  Got him in the pen & Mocha of course followed right in behind him.  As soon as they were in the pen, he started jumping on her, kicking at her & in general acting like a brat.  When I tried to move him into the mini pen, he tried to do the same thing to me, & added in rearing up.  NOPE, don't want to get that started, so I yelled & acted tough.............& he ignored me...........!!! This might get interesting.  Especially if John thinks it cute..............!!!!!!  I've already told John it isn't cute & has to be nipped in the bud.  

Tomorrow we will take Jenny back to the vet clinic in Tucson to see what's going on with her foot.  It's closer than Gilbert & has all the "toys" to x-ray etc, so we'll try it.  I'll miss visiting with the folks up at Gilbert, they've always treated whatever crisis we took up there just like they were a fancy expensive horse.  But we'll give this clinic a chance, so far they've been good.  Of course treating a cute little fuzzy baby is different than a jenny that is just barely pasture sound most of the time.  So we'll see how it goes tomorrow. 


Susan and Joe said...

Looks like he is full of fun! Which vet in Tucson do you use?

Tish said...

Cortaro Equine, Dr. Shamis, we'll see how he treats Jenny today. I hope he respects her as a living creature that has man made issues, & does the best she can.