Wednesday, November 09, 2011

SAD NEWS...............!!!!!

I just found out that Jeremiah aka known as PeeWee died a couple of weeks ago from a botched gelding.

RIP Jememiah

He was the largest & oldest at about 15years old, of the 6 mammoths we got involved with this summer.  Tom Snider took all 6 of them, & found homes for 5.  He kept Smokey to work with, & says he really is a nice mellow boy. Needs to build up leg muscles & stamina, but Tom seems quite pleased with his progress.

 THANKS TOM....!!!

A woman fell in love with PeeWee when Tom had to evacuate during the fires this summer, & had all his animals at a riding club down by Sierra Vista & she walked by.  She said she didn't think he needed to be gelded, but unfortunately changed her mind I guess.  

I don't have all the particulars, but Tom said they worked for 4 hours to save him.  My WAG (Wild Assed Guess) is the vet didn't tie the cords off.  On a large older donkey that had been used for breeding, that could be a death sentence.  

I can't figure out why vets are so against taking a few extra minutes with donkeys & tying them off.  I guess because they aren't taught the differences between horses & donkeys in vet school.  Unless they are familiar with donkeys it's like pulling eye teeth to get them to tie.

We almost lost BlackJack years ago when he was gelded, it was touch & go for hours, all because he wasn't tied off.  JUST TIE OFF THE DAMN CORDS........!!!

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