Friday, November 11, 2011


We've had company for the last 3 days & it's been one thing after another.  If I were Jan I wouldn't come back........!!!!   LOL  

This morning when she was getting ready to leave, Jac came in & said Tucker was choked.  OMG, he has been messing with his momma's pellets, but who would have thought he'd try to eat enough at one time to choke.  

So as she was leaving we were on our way to the vet.  We decided to take Mocha too, we were afraid she might get excited at not being able to find him, & hurt herself.  When we carried Tucker up into the trailer & she followed, somehow she slipped,  busted her mouth & hurt herself anyway.  

Thank goodness she is young enough this is a baby tooth.  It really had us going for awhile though.  The one next to it will probably pop off too, it's pretty wiggly.  

So she got to see the vet too.  Not much to do, except look at it & say, "yep, it's a baby tooth".  

Poor little Tucker got tubed, all that came up was a little bit of hay, but the blockage was down pretty low, so it's a good thing we took him in, although Nancy said there wasn't much resistance.  That's OK, I'd rather be safe than sorry.  

I guess if you like excitement this would be the place to visit, but if you want to actually "visit", I'm not sure.  We have more company coming this week-end.  They are horse/donkey people, so they will know more of what's going on, if this "adventure" continues.  

When I came in from town this afternoon a lot of the donkeys were laying down, including Pepper.  BUT, HE WAS LAYING ON HIS LEFT SIDE, NOT HIS RIGHT.   When I came around the well-house, he popped up on his feet.  Maybe he's learned that it isn't a good idea to lay on the right side, I certainly hope so.   I always worry that we will leave in the morning & he will get down & be there all day. 

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