Thursday, November 03, 2011

This morning was chilly & Tucker was really tearing up the pen, running as fast as he could.  Of course by the time I went in the house, got the camera, & came back out, he was running out of steam, & more interested in visiting with me.  I need to take the camera out in the morning when I do chores I guess.

This is a picture of a very upset Arab mare.  Yesterday we took Falena & Selena to their foster home as a companion for Kachina.  As you can tell from her body language she was less than impressed.  She was out in the field when we turned them loose in the field with her.  As soon as she could figure out how to get to her shelter without getting close to them, that's where she went. 

The girls could have cared less about her or her social problems.  There was grass all over the place, so their heads went down & they started eating. 

All that petting stuff is OK, but there is grass here & we are going to take advantage of it.  If people want to pet that's fine, just don't interfere with the eating.

They finally came up for air, long enough try to figure out what in the heck was wrong with that horse.  They weren't interested enough to investigate, just gave her the once over & went back to eating.  

We decided to put the donkeys in a smaller penned area for the night to give Kachina a chance to look them over without having to actually be "with" them.  When we got home Tava had called & said they moved the girls into the pen, & Kachina had already stuck her nose over the fence, so I guess she isn't too tramatized.

Madie needs to work on her manners.  Now that the girls aren't here, she will be eating out with Quilla.  She had to give up her pen for Drifter, so was eating in a 10 x 12 emergency pen.  This morning she tried to eat from the hay cart as it was making the rounds.  Not allowed.............!!!!  Tonight we'll have a whip on the cart to see if we can discourage her.  She's a smart girl, I'm sure it won't take much.

Drifter will be going to a new home as soon as we get his teeth fixed.  The woman was involved in getting him off the highway & to the animal shelter.  She told the shelter she'd like to have him.  They got in touch with her, she came out & as they say the rest is history.  I think it will be a good home, she has a horse & some goats I think she said.  He's warmed up & gotten a lot more animated than he was when he first came in, at first he seemed very sad, poor little guy.  He has some wounds on his back that look like where a horse or large animal tried to take some chunks out of him, so who knows what he had been thru.

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