Monday, October 31, 2011

I have been waiting a couple of days to see what the outcome was going to be on moving Elvis. 

The move went very well,  Linda & Jon put Chester in a pen & Elvis, now known as Norton had free run of about 20 acres or so.  The next morning when Linda went out she found him with a foot hung up in the corral panel where Chester was.  Jon got a sawz-all to cut the panel & when he started working Norton grabbed his hand & wouldn't let go, a unpleasant attitude jacks can have.  Linda said he had Jon's hand in his mouth, grinding his teeth for 10 minutes.  Not sure if it was that long or just seemed that long, but in the process Jon managed to use the sawz-all & get him loose.

Linda called me from the hospital emergency room, said nothing was broken & they were stitching up his hand.  Norton had been walking on the foot when they left, neighbor's were there, doctoring a bad cut, while waiting for the vet to show up.  That was the last I heard for over a day.  Linda called & left a message for me to call her, that was all, short & quick & scary.

By the time we finally touched bases I was just sick, I was afraid Norton had to be put down because the leg was broke even though he was walking on it.  And who knows maybe Jon's hand fell off, believe me I went thru every scenario you can think of.  FINALLY........we quit playing phone tag & I found out Norton is sore but will be just fine.  The neighbors have built a separate pen for the boys, close together, but they aren't sharing a fence.

Jon's will not be working for awhile, & the doctor said he might have nerve damage.  He's suppose to go to a specialist, but Linda seems to think that probable won't happen.  Jon like most men, does it his way I guess..........  (G)  

And as soon as they can find someone to do it, Norton will be singing falsetto.  It's still a little early in the season, our days are still in the 80's & the flies are doing their thing, but they've decided that it is important to geld him as soon as possible.  

I hope this incident doesn't cloud their feelings for Norton.  He'll be a wonderful boy & a great friend for Chester, once he's had brain surgery.  I still have scars from BlackJack's attitude when we first got him & he was a 10 year old jack.  I had to put my elbow in his eye as hard as I could, to get him to let go.  Now BlackJack is a big old fuzzy mellow fellow, that's greatest aim in life is to mooch as many treats as he can. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

Holy cow, Tish! Never a dull moment. I'm sure they'll see that he's a great boy (once he's had brain surgery).

I hope John is on the mend soon with no permanent damage. :(

Tish said...

No it's never dull around here. Linda says she has 3 asses to contend with. Jon like a lot of men doesn't take being laid up very well. She says Norton is very sweet so hopefully things will be OK until the end of the month. None of the local vets will geld him until we have a hard freeze. Sigh!