Saturday, October 22, 2011

SO FAR, SO GOOD........!!!!


Threw John out at the airport yesterday.............!!!   Traveling in this day & age is so barbaric.  I liked the old days when you could go in & see them off at the gate.  But now not only can you not do that, you have to decide how to dress for easy undressing, & make sure nothing "dangerous" is with you.  Of course figuring out what is going to set off the TSA people isn't always easy to figure out.  Oh! well, so much for my rant on modern day society's problems.  That happens when you're old enough to remember, "THE GOOD OLD DAYS".  Believe me, I'm old enough......!!!! LOL

Chores went good last night, the "fur kids" were actually pretty cooperative & even patient.  I always tell them, "there is only one of me, so it's going to take longer". Weighing hay was a little challenging, but I figured out a way that works pretty good.  We don't pick up poo at night, & I will have help every morning, so I won't have to face that task.  

I'll have 4 people to boss around Sunday evening.  WOW....!!!!  Jennifer volunteered her husband & a couple of friends to come out & feed, so this should go real quick. 

Tucker is starting to "help" Mocha eat her pellets & mush, besides chewing on hay.  They are getting the good hay that Patti sent out for them & it is really a big hit.  I hope the others don't find out what she's getting or we might have a rebellion.  As it is I'm cutting down all the goodies Thelma has been getting, so far she hasn't complained.   It doesn't look like she is pregnant, thank goodness, so she certainly doesn't need the extra calories.  She's going out now, although she still seems to prefer being in her pen, so she isn't getting the exercise her feet need. 

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