Saturday, October 15, 2011

The vet is coming out Monday to draw blood from Tucker & Jenny.  Last time they had a heck of a time getting blood from Tucker, probably because he is so small & also wiggly.  He's grown a bit, & is still wiggly, although he'll usually stand real still if you scratch him, anywhere on his body.  

Today he & Mocha have access to the mini pen.  It doesn't have chicken wire on it to keep him from going thru the corral panels, so I hope he behaves himself.  I thought he might have fun doing some exploring.  

Thelma & I have been trying to get her fly mask back on the last few days.  I'm trying clicker training with her, but she is really stupid, or has already figured out what I'm wanting her to do, & doesn't see a need to participate.  Since I already know she isn't stupid, not by a long shot, it's the latter.  I can rub the fly mask all over her body, I can run my hands down in her ears, I can even get her to touch it as a target...........BUT.....when it gets down to the nitty gritty of putting it over her ears.........NOPE..........NOT GOING TO HAPPEN......!!!!  She will stand her ground & move her head around & around.  That is actually progress, from the whirling & showing me the bottom of her hind feet we were doing a few days ago.....!!! LOL  She had the silly thing on for weeks, of course we weren't taking it off because the flies get up earlier than we do.  The flies are still out there although it's getting down in the 40's at night, when it warms up in the morning they really get busy, I guess they know winter is coming & they want to complete their life cycle.  John said when I took it off that it probably would be a battle to get it back on, guess he was right...........!!!  

Tomorrow we will be getting in a new girl, named Madie.  I haven't met her but it sounds like she & Quilla have a lot in common, bad feet & sun sensitivity which makes bloody sores on their legs.  It will be good to see someone in Sha'ba's pen, it looks very empty right now. 


Ania said...

So well understood, but now I have to temporarily live in Australia, my dad is a vet and he had to leave, and I with him. My mom was in Poland is sad is not it? Sometimes it is sad as I read Anya of Green Gables to comfort me:) But soon I go back to Poland a year ago I left a lot had to change. Mama says that Diesel is sick, but I do not believe you always need to believe in the good end ... Does not that bother you so often write to you? Maybe I'm obsessive ... I do not know English well, I go to Polish school in Australia, but it is very difficult for me. If you can not bother to write, has already przyzwycziłam people usually have me fed up ...
Do you have any children or grandchildren?

Tish said...

Australia is wonderful country. I hope you are getting to travel & see lots of places if interest.

We have one son, & one grandson, they both live in Tucson, which is the closest large city to go shopping. We live 12 miles from a very small town, with very little shopping.

I think your English is very good, I would imagine you study English in school. You know there is a difference in English, English & American, English? Americans took the "King's" English & made a lot of changes in words & how they are used, much to the disgust of the English I'm afraid..... Ha!