Thursday, October 06, 2011


Went out this morning to visit with Tucker & of course Mocha & he was playing with his ball.  Before I started filming, he was running it up & down, back & forth & really making it move.  Once I started filming, the action slowed down.  He's such a little ham, but hasn't figured out when we stand with our hands up to our face, it's "SHOW TIME".........!! 

He got his little nose popped yesterday.  He's been running up behind & bumping into us.  I told John that behavior needs to stop, while he's still small enough to not knock us down.  Last night he not only ran up behind me, he acted like he was going to nip me.  POP......!!!!  So far this morning he's not interested in running up behind me, although when Vic was cleaning pens this morning, he had to wrestle Tucker at the gate.  Tucker managed to get his head out the gate, before Vic corralled him. So we're going to have to watch him, I guess he sees a whole big world out there & wants to explore it. 


Patti said...

Sounds like time to halter train him : )

Tish said...

If I could find one to fit him, the little fly mask I made for him, is now too small, & the one a friend made is too large. She raises mini donkeys & thought she could make one small enough. But it's way too big for him.

Have fun with the tractor.