Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The good news........don't have to have surgery.  Bad news......... I have to wear a cast for  4 weeks.  I never realized how important a thumb is, it's amazing how much we take for granted.  I'd like to say I'll appreciate my thumb in the future, but I'm sure once I get the cast off, it will be just another digit......!!!  LOL

Madie the new girl got to go out today.  She has some feet issues but they didn't seem to keep her from roaming all over the place all day.  At least that's what John said, I was in Tucson most of the day.

Not a very good picture of her, but she is one of those that you can't get far enough away from to take a picture.  I took this one this morning before I left for town.  

When it was time for round-up this afternoon, she was over by Tucker & Mocha.  John said she watched the round-up of the others, & when John said "come on", she headed for her pen.  So far she seems to be a very cooperative, mellow type of gal. 

My thumb put a halt to the clicker training to get a fly mask on Thelma.  You can do just about anything with her...........except..........put a halter or fly mask on her.  So this morning Vic decided he'd get a mask on her & by golly he did.  First he threw it over one ear.  I had tried that, but I guess I throw like a girl.  She threw it off.  When he & John brought in the hay, he stood between her & her hay, held the fly mask up & she basically walked into it. Rather than immediately grabbing for the latch, he ignored her for a few minutes & then latched it.  I doubt that John will take it off anytime soon...... !!!!  I know I won't.........!!!

Yesterday John & Larry a good friend went up to  Queen Creek, southeast of Phoenix to look at a race car for next year.  My poor little Toyota has just about had it.  I didn't know until a couple of weeks ago, it started out as a motocross car over 6 years ago, so it hasn't had an easy life, been rolled at least twice.  A couple of weeks ago, I slammed into the wall with it, which certainly didn't help it any.  

This is what they brought home.

It's a Kia Sephia, been raced less than 10 races, so it has a few dings, but nothing like the Toyota.  And it has a lot more horsepower, so hopefully I can do better next year.  Actually I finished in 6 place for points this year, so I really can't complain. 

The first thing is to change the color, green on a race car is bad luck.  In fact I bought a gallon of white paint today, so our son can paint the whole thing white inside & out.  Then John will do the orange. 


Anonymous said...

can you will write to my comment?
Anne :)

Tish said...

Anne, my problem is time, I am always behind. Have you tried finding pen pals to write to?

You asked how old my grandson is, he's 25.

I'm sure you're getting excited to be going home next month & see the rest of your family. Hope Diesel is doing better.

Patti said...

Zoom zoom!

Tish said...

Once we find a fuel pump, it will be ready to go, are you ready?

Susan and Joe said...

Tish, you take a lickin' & keep on tickin' !!! ra

Tish said...

I think the proper statement is, "there's no fool like an old fool"......!!LOL

morningbrayfarm said...

Our Nigel is the same way... still no halter or fly mask. I wonder if we should try doing the same thing?? :)

Tish said...

Have you ever tried clicker training? Once they equate the target with the click with the "goodie", they will really work to make things happen.