Friday, October 28, 2011

Drifter got to go out this morning.  So far he is staying by himself, roaming all over the property, with his nose to the ground like he's looking for someone or something.  One time when I went out to check up on him, I stood in his path, & he walked around me & continued on his trek.   

I called the vet clinic to see about getting his teeth floated.  He has got some real nasty hooks, he keeps trying to "adjust" his mouth, poor little guy.  It might not happen for a couple of weeks, but I would imagine he will still be here, even though the livestock inspector is suppose to advertise him for 7 days & then auction him.  Yep! bet that's how it will happen........!!!!   The vet clinic knew about him being loose for at least 3 days, so he might have been out for awhile.  He's a good little guy, I can't believe someone wouldn't be looking for him. 

Yesterday Linda & Jon went with me down to Sierra Vista to see if we could find a friend for Chester.  He's still calling for Buster & it's very upsetting for them too.  We visited with Elvis, soon to be Norton & he is probably on his way to their home, as I type.  He is still a jack, but very friendly, & they have a pen to put him in until he can be gelded, the sooner the better.  That will give the boys a chance to get to know each other without all the squabbling for dominance that can get really rough.  Chester will try to protect his "turf",  & Norton is a pretty sturdy boy.  Don't want anyone getting hurt.  

Thelma shows new skills every day, although some are not really appreciated.  She has the courtyard caper down pat.  John was going to try to chain the gate.  But if he did, she knows it opened before, & destroy the gate.  So for now we aren't putting hay to be soaked on the courtyard.   

Yesterday John was headed for town.  A few minutes after he left he came back in the house, complaining about Thelma costing him $15....!!  It seems on the way to the truck he decided to let the ones still in their pens out.  Thelma was one of them.  When he opened her gate he had the receipt in his hand to get money back on a car battery.  When he opened the gate she came out, & snatched the receipt.  He tried to grab it, but she ran off & ate it.  He said he looked all over for pieces, but she didn't leave anything.  That's even better than "the dog ate my homework..........!!!"  LOL  John didn't think it was very funny for some reason. 

Had a call this afternoon looking for a companion for a camel that just lost his camel buddy to a heart attack. That's a new one for me.  I don't know whether I should tell John about it or not, he has always wanted a camel. 

We might have found a foster home for Falena & Selena.  They are the 2 strays we picked up down by Douglas & the livestock inspector never called me back.  A nice couple that just moved to the area from Michigan wanted a companion for their mare. After talking for awhile it sounded like they might be a good foster home for the girls.  We'll do a home study & see how it goes.

I've added a Twitter link to the sidebar.  I have an account but haven't tried to put in a message yet.  This should be fun, I'm too old to learn new skills......!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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