Sunday, October 23, 2011

PEPPER DOWN..............!!!

I was afraid he would go down while John was gone, & he didn't disappoint me, the old buzzard.  The morning help had just left, & I went out to open the pens, & there he was laying in Jenny's dusting area on his right side, thrashing around trying to get up.  I got the ropes to put around his legs, but just didn't have the "oomph" to pull him over.  Probably could of, except he tries to help by throwing his legs all over the place, usually just about the time I would get him pulled to the point of no return, when his weight would have pulled him over to his left side. 

Vic is gone for the week-end, so I called Jay one of the neighbors & he came over.  He's not an animal person, but he had enough strength to over ride Mr. Floppy Legs, & we got him over.  As soon as he was over he hopped up, took off & started eating mesquite limbs.  Good thing my hair is already gray.....!!! LOL

Everyone else seems to be behaving themselves.  Actually they have been going in their pens very good, almost like they want to be helpful. 

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