Sunday, October 16, 2011


Tomorrow I have to see an orthopedic surgeon, to have a broken thumb wired together.  Last night's racing didn't exactly go as planned, & we ended up in the emergency this morning with the radiologist running out to the parking lot to see the race car..........!!!  They all seemed quite happy with having the extra entertainment in the early morning hours.  But there wasn't anything they could really do for it, except wrap it up & give me some phone numbers.  Guess I'll go back to the clinic that just released me & my broken leg a week or so ago, they know me there...........  LOL

This pretty girl was delivered this morning to become part of our little group.  Her name is Madie, she is a BLM donkey about 13 years old.  She's had a good home, but foundered a year ago & is still ouchy.  She also has front legs like Quilla's although she does still have some hair on her legs.  So I would imagine she has or has had fatty liver disease, which is one of the causes of sun sensitivity.  She's very friendly, I haven't even seen her face yet. The flies are getting worse every day i think.  I'll take a face picture, if & when the flies finally give up for the winter.

This is an article from San Antonio, Texas about the killing of the Big Bend donkeys.  As usual the donkeys don't have a voice, except for grass roots organizations that try to bring this disgusting display of governmental power to the attention of like minded people.  These donkeys have done nothing but what they have been doing for 100's of years.  

But some bureaucrat somewhere in the system has decided that they need to go.  Nothing is better for these abuses of power than the light of day.  Much like going after rats or cockroaches.  If you can get involved please do so.


Anonymous said...

I wrote last comment, if you get back to me?

Patti said...

Hey Tish - at least you only break one thing at a time. Looking forward to seeing the new rescue girl.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply:)
Yes, I know that these languages ​​are very different but for me it does not matter because I have a problem with both;)
When I lived in Poland, also lived in the countryside, like you, there was fun :-) Now I live in Sydney, this place is horrible ... But dad bought tickets to Poland. I'm leaving on November 18 I can not wait! I see my mother, my brother Max, Diesel. Awfully glad! And you?? Do you get nervous I? How old is your grandson?
I am Waiting for answer!