Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last night we went racing & didn't get home until well after midnight.  Vic & Lora offered to feed the "herd" at supper time which was great.  When we got home there was a note, saying that when they got here, most of the herd was in the hay barn having a great time.  Vic & Lora didn't know how long they had been in there, gorging on forbidden hay, so they put everyone in their pens, & only fed the ones that hadn't been in the barn, because they were afraid they might founder.  

Needless to say by the time we got home hours later, they were really upset & let us know about it.  The opening of the gate has Thelma's "MO" all over it.  John had chained the gate for awhile since the last time we found it open, but had gotten a little too casual about it, I guess.  

They told us who had been fed & who hadn't.  But hours had passed & the ones that did get fed wasn't going to bother to remember the experience.  So we let everyone out, took all the hay & ran a line of hay down the driveway.  It actually worked pretty good, we spread it out far enough everyone could have a area of their own..........well except for Selena, she wanted it all...........!!!!  

John said they hadn't been in there very long because if they had all of Mocha's special hay would have been gone.  They had moved the bale that hasn't been opened & molested the open bale, but really didn't eat too much.  My theory is, with so many in there, everyone was jockeying for position & in the process no one got to eat much.  

So now we know the gate has to be chained at all times.  The smart ones are always a challenge. 

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