Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Zeke & Mike were at Ft. Huachuca this morning bright & early to start their walkathon to Tombstone, to raise awareness about donkeys & raise money for the donkeys in our sanctuary.

They got off to a fast start, & Patti called us when they were about 4 miles from where we were to meet them, to let us know they were ahead of schedule.  We had just gotten thru with feeding, so we hurried & hit the road.  Got there just as a newspaper reporter got there with a photographer to cover the walk.  We hadn't even got BlackJack unloaded & here Zeke & Mike came with Patti, following in her truck.  

This was the boys first meeting.  I don't think either of them was very impressed with the other.  Zeke "woofed" out a couple of challenges, which I think BlackJack tried to ignore.  BlackJack likes to present himself as a big tough guy, but if he runs across someone that might actually be one, he usually tries to find something else to do. 

After a rest Zeke & Mike headed on down the road.

Patti spent most of the day driving back & forth from where they were on the road & Tombstone, where we & BlackJack were hanging out at the information table Teresa set up by the Helldorado Show area. 

Georgette met us at the Charleston stop, & she ended up walking the last 4 miles or so into Tombstone with Zeke & Mike.  John walked part of the way & I even walked a mile or so, unfortunately I waited to walk until the last part which was all uphill........!!! 

Somewhere along the way, they picked up a Cochise County Sheriff.  He said someone had called in to dispatch that they were afraid they might get hit by a car.  That was never a problem, most of the people slowed down when they saw them, probably because they looked like they just stepped out of the 1880's.

Later on when they got closer to Tombstone, they even picked up a city policeman.  Georgette & I were walking, Patti was following & we had 2 police cars.  Excuse me, but we were starting to look like a circus, & there were certainly more targets if someone started gawking at one target & hit another.........!!!! LOL  

But we made it to Tombstone, over an hour early, which unfortunately threw off the people that had planned to walk the last 1/4 mile down Allen street, dressed in period dress.  A few of them got the message & made the walk though.  John & BlackJack met the weary travelers & walked the last 2 blocks down Allen street with them.  
I think a good time was had by all, Zeke is a love, you will notice he started out packing, & finished being ridden by Mike.  He has a real nice steady walk & only behave like a donkey a couple of times, even then he wasn't really being an "ass", it was almost like he wanted to be "asked" rather than told.
 "Doc Holliday", Zeke, Mike behind Teresa

BlackJack got to eat some of the bermuda grass growing around the buildings where the information table was set up, so he was happy.  He doesn't get a chance to eat real grass very often.

A special thank you to Patti for all her coordinating & making sure things went smoothly.  Thanks to Georgette for her continuous upbeat coaching.  With her around you never have to worry about anyone getting tired or at least admitting it, she won't let that happen.  Thanks to Dee for finding us & helping to get the ball rolling.   Teresa put her heart & soul into this walk, as did Mike, but he also put his legs & feet into walking & riding over 20 miles, for nothing except the satisfaction of accomplishing what he started out to do, & helping make people aware of donkeys & how special they are.  How do I thank Zeke?  He didn't know they were going for an all day ride, or that they were trying to educate the public about donkeys & some of the problems donkey have because of ignorance or in some cases cruelty.  All that "people" stuff wasn't important to him. I think he just had a great time, being out with his best friend, for the day enjoying a lovely autumn day in SE Arizona.  We should all be so lucky.


Grey Horse Matters said...

What a great idea! I've been to Tombstone a few times and loved it. The period dress is just wonderful. I'll bet a lot more people are appreciative of donkeys now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's amazing you live in Arizona! I am a twelve year old and I think I can dream about something like that ... This heat of the sun, donkeys! You have an amazing life! And the views! I live in Poland, gray and rainy but sometimes it is very well heard of poland as you wish it had come:) Old Town in Warsaw worth a visit:)) I was in Croatia and Turkey. Tickets to America are expensive but I would like to see it .. I do not want to be rude but how many years you have? you live on a ranch? Interesting you need to have life
Please please reply.
Anne Kowalsky

Tish said...

Hi Anne:
I hope you get to Arizona someday, it's a lot different than Poland. We've been rescuing donkeys for about 13 years, before you were born. We don't have a ranch, we have 30 acres, which gives the donkeys room to get exercise.