Friday, October 14, 2011

While we were gone to the walkathon Wednesday, Thelma let Mocha & Tucker out of their pen.  Thelma has learned Gate Opening 101 very well.  

Michelle was here & said the dogs were barking like crazy.  She went out to see what was happening, & saw Rusty the white mule, chasing Tucker & of course Mocha was in the middle of it.  Michelle said just about the time she figured out what was happening, Mocha ran into Rusty or Rusty ran in to Mocha & she ended up getting pushed into a cactus. 

MIchelle managed to entice Mocha back into her pen & of course Tucker went with her.  But she did have some stickers in her & in fact I pulled out a couple the next day.  Tucker didn't seem any the worse for wear, thank goodness.  

I don't think Rusty was trying to hurt him or anything, I would imagine he was fascinated & wanted to get a closer look.  Of course that wouldn't set well with Mocha & she was probably trying to get Tucker away from him.  Of course while all this was going on, Tucker is having a ball running around looking at all the new stuff he's never seen before, so she's also having to keep track of him. 

In fact this morning, when John went out, Rusty & Quilla were standing outside Mocha & Tucker's pen, & Mocha, & Tucker were standing on the other side.  Thelma was standing as close as she could in her pen.  John said they were all just standing there enjoying the early morning sun, in a herd.

It seems like I'm getting a call or e-mail almost everyday from people trying to find a place for their donkey, for one reason or another.  But no calls from people wanting to adopt.  Wonder if & when things will be better?


Anonymous said...

Hi, this again, I am Anna.
I am very pleased that since you wrote on my comment:)
You have to be very good people that rescues these animals, I had saved my one dog was sick with nasal, poor doggie: (He called the Diesel, he is 15 years old! And you have other animals than donkeys? I once had a goat, pet wise: ) A returning to the Polish, think it's a nice country? To me terribly sad here: (But I love walking in the mountains:) I guess you liked to write, you are very kind:)
My little brother is very fond of donkeys often watch your blog:)
I hope you get back:)
Kowalsky Anne writes in Polish Ania, almost like Anne of Green Gables;)

Tish said...

It sounds like you have the good heart that most people have when it comes to animals & are willing to get involved. Unfortunately there are other people that make rescue necessary, but I think we outnumber them.

I'm sure Diesel is a very loved member of your family. Did I understand you are returning to Poland, where are you now?