Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Not a very good picture of our latest little "guest".  Got a call from the livestock inspector this afternoon.  This is the same one that never called me back when we picked up, Selena & Falena down by Douglas months ago.  Guess she has my number when it's "necessary".....!!!!  

Anyway she told me the Benson Animal Shelter had picked up a mini donkey out by the highway & wanted to know if we could take him.  I asked her what the protocol was.  She said advertise him for 7 days & didn't tell me what was next.  That's OK, I already know once they find someone to take donkeys in this part of Arizona, they consider the case closed.  

I called the woman at the shelter & she said she was 5 ' 5" & he was about waist high to her.  She also couldn't tell me if he was intact or not.  By the time I went out to tell John to hook up the trailer, I was really starting to get bad vibes about this deal.  I figured we were going to find an intact standard donkey with attitude.  She said they tried to look at a foot & he wasn't having it & they couldn't see under his tail in the back to see if he was intact or not.  Obviously not equine people.

So we headed into Benson, & I started working up my "I'm sorry, this isn't going to happen story".

When we got there here was this little burro, well mannered, very friendly, ready to lead with a rope around his neck & jump in the trailer & a gelding........!!!! WHEW!  One of the attendants said a friend of his was willing to take him, she has horses & pens.  I told him to find out if she was willing to take him long term or just temporary.  Once they are in our care, even if not technically ours, we will be involved in what happens to him.

The shelter was calling him Burt, doesn't do much for me.  I'm leaning towards Drifter, since he was drifting around when they found him.  We'll see what sticks.

Just got a call from Lynda, Buster & Chester's Mom.  She said the boys were out running & playing & Buster fell down.  She said Chester went over & started pawing & biting at him, but he was dead.  What a horrible shock, she was so upset I couldn't hardly understand her.  I guess he had a heart attack.  He was only about 18-20 years old, which is just middle aged for a donkey.  What a sad thing to happen, in such a wonderful home.  She's worried about Chester & wants to get him a friend as soon as possible.

Buster came here in 2000 & was Lucy's loyal companion until we had to put her down this spring because of horrible feet that would no longer allow her to stand without pain.  We were so thrilled when this home popped up within days of her being put down.  Buster had been passed around in his early life &  seemed to appreciate having structure to his day to day life.  I think he was happy here, & I know he was happy in his new home.  Just wish he could have enjoyed it longer.   RIP Buster Brown, you were a good gentle soul.

This makes 6 of our donkeys we have lost this year, it is like losing a child times six.  I will never get use to it.


Susan and Joe said...

Love that photo. So sorry he died, but it's good to know he knew love and safety and a full tummy in his later years. It is never ever easy to lose them. As I told you before, you will have a huge herd waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tish said...

I think he will be waiting for Lynda, she absolutely adored him & is devastated.

Morning Bray Farm said...

I'm so sorry, Tish. :( Sending more hugs.