Monday, October 24, 2011

JOHN COMES HOME TONIGHT.............!!!!


Thank goodness...........!!!  Actually I've had good help, I think I only did chores once by myself, so it really hasn't been that bad.  But Pepper being down yesterday wasn't good, & this morning Tucker got his head stuck in a cattle panel.  I guess his head has gotten big enough to get stuck, poor little guy.  He stuck it thru to get me to pet him, & couldn't get it out.  I screamed for Lisa, while I tried to get it turned enough to come out.  He really was calm, didn't seem near as panicky as I was.........!!!!  By the time Lisa heard me & came running, between him & me, we got him loose.  His pen is almost all cattle panels, not sure what we can do about it.  Discourage him from sticking his head thru for starters.  Hopefully his little head will grow fast.  

My 4 helpers showed up last night & really were good help, even though they didn't know which donkey was which.  The donkeys were all out when they got here, & were quite excited because they thought such a group of people must be a "tour", so let's mug them for treats.  Going in their pens was the last thing on their minds, so it took awhile to get everyone where they needed to be.  But once that was over, the rest of it went real quick. 

I figured out something that can't be done if you have a wrist in a cast.  What do people do about cutting their fingernails?  I realize it isn't an earth shattering problem, but I usually keep them real short, so things like Tunja Zinc Oxide or Ichammol don't get under my nails.  Not only can I not cut them, I also can't clean them, one handed.  So they are starting to look like a "science" project.  Wonder if John will cut them for me?  Maybe not, he can be rather heavy handed, & might clip the end off my finger...........!!!

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