Saturday, November 05, 2011


Getting caught in the hay barn does not make John happy.  When we came home from town this afternoon, there was a whole bunch of them in there.  Although some of them took off when they realized they'd been spotted, John knew who they were.  Thelma, bless her heart was in her pen, I guess she had already gotten full, since we know she is the culprit that opened the gate.  

So everyone that was in the hay barn, & including Miss Thelma got half rations tonight.  It's hard to change when for years all John has done is latch the chain.  Over the years we've had quite a few that could open either chain gates or drop latch gates.  Thelma not only can open both, she can also open the courtyard gate.  In fact she came on the courtyard this afternoon after John had his screaming fit at the hay barn.  Fooled her, the hay to be soaked was in the house, where we've been putting it since we found out what a "talented" young lady she is........!!!! 

Good news from Chester & Norton, Jon & Linda are letting them out together after Norton climbed a non-climbable fence.  The last I heard they were only letting them out together when someone was outside to watch them.  But if Norton is climbing the non-climbing fence, I would imagine that has changed.  They said the boys are getting along real good & Chester even gave Norton a "welcoming kick".  Norton is still scheduled for "brain" surgery as soon as the weather cools off enough. Jon's hand got some infection, so he had to have that cleaned out. 

Selena & Falena are being good ambassadors for donkeys.  Kachina so far is allowing them in her area, but none of that close up & personal stuff yet.  Selena has a very weird bray the people think is absolutely hilarious.  John warned them  she sounds like a old Chrysler starter that is hung up.  It's one of those things you have to hear to believe.  

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