Saturday, November 19, 2011

Boy they almost goofed up tonight.  When I went out John had Rusty, & Jack the mules, Drifter, 3 of the other minis & that was it...........!!!!  And it was getting dark quickly.  I made the decision that we needed to find Pepper, but the rest of them could wait till breakfast if that's what they wanted.  

I mixed up Mocha & Tucker's mush & John headed over to Burroland to find Pepper & bring him back.  When I went out with the mush, Justin & Quilla came wandering in.  Then I heard Tula screaming obscenities from her pen.  She has no patience once she decides to show up.  

By the time John showed up with Pepper, they all started coming in one at a time.  Except for Madie.  This was the first time she knew there was such a place as Burroland & she didn't know the drill.  John had rang the bell & whistled, but all that didn't tell her anything.  Before we finished feeding their pellets & beet pulp, she showed up, & went right in her pen, like she had done it a million times.  She is such a good girl & smart as a whip.  

Heard from Falena & Selena's foster mom tonight wondering if Falena could be pregnant.  She said she seems to be getting a tummy.  We've only had them since summer, & have no idea what their lives were before.  John seems to think at least one or both of them have cycled, in fact them sashaying around the corrals was what caused Beau to try to climb the panels & destroyed his leg.  Hopefully it's just too much grazing, which of course is another problem.........SIGH!

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