Thursday, March 17, 2011


Talked to Linda this morning & she said the boys ate together last night & were doing great.  Buster had let her pull his tongue, so he obviously feels comfortable with her.  When I called she was watching them roaming around the big acreage, while the horses were still in their pens.  The mare is really nosy & wants to be in the middle of everything, so I'm sure she isn't pleased with being kept in a pen while those new "things" get to roam.  

Noelle's eye doesn't look much better this morning, but I did manage to get the pencillin in it.  It's still cloudy & she doesn't act like she can see out of it.  I hope that's just temporary, I would really hate for her to lose her sight in the eye.  They get their eyes poked all the time on cactus or mesquite, but we've never had one this bad before.  We offered to let her go out this morning, but she preferred to stand in her shelter. 

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