Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is Buster & Chester meeting some of their new family.  Jon is talking to Buster, the horses are trying to figure out why these new "things" are getting so much attention, & Chester is    checking out Charlie, an Old English Sheepdog that REALLY REALLY wanted to get in with the donkeys. He sneaked in once, & Chester half heartedly  went after him, so I don't think it will take long for them to get use to each other.  

Buster has always really gotten upset when we trailered him.  He would sweat until the floor was wet & would rub his tail raw on the front of the trailer.  This time he did great, he's travelled with others before, but for some reason this time with Chester seemed to be OK.  

The vet came out this morning to check on Noelle's eye, since it wasn't looking any better.  I called her yesterday but she had an emergency, & couldn't get out.  The vet was willing to try to work with her without drugging her, even though we told her Noelle is difficult.  She managed to look in Noelle's eye enough to think it's probably been poked, & even syringe some pencillin in it.  We'll try that for a couple of days & see how it goes.  Tonight it didn't seem as weepy & she had it a little more open, so hopefully this will work.  I hope I can get it in her eye, she really isn't very cooperative. 

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