Tuesday, March 08, 2011


So far, so good I guess, she isn't any worse, but I wouldn't say she's any better.  Yesterday when we came home from town in the afternoon she was not in the shelter, on wood shavings where we left her.  She was out standing on the dirt & gravel.    GRRRRRRR......!!!  But by the time John went out to let the others out of their pens, she had moved over to the shavings & was laying down.  

I added 3 bags of shavings in the shelter, & she stayed in there all day today.  There doesn't seem to be very much heat in her feet, which is the scary part.  If her feet were warm, that would tell me there was possibly inflammation in there that hopefully could be treated.  But if there is no heat & she is having trouble walking, that isn't good.  

Courtney is going to be out Saturday, to hopefully trim Lucy & maybe we can get her back into the boots.  

Everyone else seems to be doing pretty good right now.  This morning I put a fly mask on Sha'ba.  His good eye was running for some reason, so I though maybe it might help to protect it from the sun & dust.  We've had a lot of wind the last couple of days, stirring up the dust.  When I took it off tonight the eye was dry, so I'll probably keep putting it on as long as we've got the "stinkin" wind.  

Tonight when it was time for them to come in, they were over in Burroland.  Instead of waiting, John went to get them.  They were way over in the far corner.  He said when they saw him they took off for this side at a run.  Of course he was following at a more sedate pace.  He said about the time he got to the open gate,  they were in the process of coming thru the gate headed back over to Burroland.  When they do stuff like this, we can't figure out if they are trying to entertain us or entertain themselves.  It's not like they don't know the drill, but every once in awhile, they like to show their independence I guess. 

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