Sunday, March 13, 2011


Buster has really surprised me, he & Lucy had been an "item" for years & he was never very far away from her night & day.  John let Buster into the pen while he was getting ready to move Lucy to her grave and Buster totally ignored her body.  But he was very interested in the leftover alfalfa and any crumbs of the treats I fed her thru out the day.  He has acted just fine ever since, behaving as he always does, except for going wherever Lucy would go. 

We had a couple come out yesterday to visit with the donkeys & interested in getting a donkey or two, because they like them, & also to be companions for their 2 horses.  They have a 31 year old gelding & if something happens to him, they want the mare to have other companions. 

The donkeys were loose on the property, & we found all of them together which was great.  Didn't have to ferret them out of the mesquite, one by one.  The people zeroed in on Chester & Buster.  I can't remember anyone ever showing much interest in Buster before, & it makes me wonder if things are falling into place as they were meant to be.  We did a home study today & will haul the boys to their wonderful new home with 20 acres & people that are crazy about their animals. 

Buster has been here for over 8 years, & Chester 5 & of course he had surgery on his leg & was on antibiotics for almost a year, so we have a long history with both boys.  We will miss them very much, but finding such a good home for them, is the most important thing we can do for them, & we will do it gladly. 

We are starting to see more bugs & flies as each day gets a little warmer than the day before.  Yesterday I put fly masks on Sha'ba, & Rusty & Jack, the mules & today saw a fly in Cisco's eye, so he'll get one tomorrow.  All these guys are fly magnets, we won't put masks on the others until they need them.  Once they all have to wear masks, they will have to stay on the 10 acres during the day without access to Burroland.  Makes it easier for us to find the masks that get used as toys........!!! 

The last few mornings Justin one of the minis & Quilla have been playing with a jolly ball.  This morning John said they played the whole time he was rounding everyone up.  I came out, they were still playing so I went in & got the camera.  By that time they were wearing out I guess.

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