Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Strange name, we'll just call him GUS.................!!!  He was such a good boy, he hopped in the trailer like he did it every day, although he was a rather "busy" traveler.  I think he "walked" the whole way, at least the trailer was moving around most of the time.  

We met Courtney on the edge of Tucson & she trimmed on his feet in the trailer.  Again he was a good boy, doubt that he had ever had power tools used on him before, but he did very well, considering, he was with strange people (well, people he didn't know......LOL) in a trailer, with another stranger molesting his feet with noisy vibrating "things", & traffic going by, in the dark. But he took it like a brave little trooper.  

We got home about 8 pm to a herd of crabby equines, since we were about 3 hours late for supper.  Got everyone in their pens, before we brought "Gus" out of the trailer.  We've learned that if the donkeys are out when we try to bring a new one to the pens, we really have more help than we need.  And the new one gets nervous because the others come up behind them.  Quilla is the only one now that doesn't go in a pen to eat.  As soon as Gus was in his pen, Quilla parked his butt at the gate staring at Gus.  Personality wise I think they might be a good match.  Of course most of the time when I try to match make, I'm wrong, so I guess I'll just let Gus decide who he wants to hang with.

We'll keep him in the pen a day or two, so everyone can come by a stare & he can get a chance to acclimate to the change in his life.  

I'll try to get pictures of him tomorrow, I forgot my camera today, & it was dark when we got home. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

Wow... he's a very brave guy! With strangers, in a trailer, with traffic, power tools, getting his feet trimmed... amazing. He must've known he was with good people. :)

Can't wait to see pictures! Welome home, Gus!

Tish said...

I thought he was outstanding, with all that going on, he was a very good boy.

I'll be glad when he can go out. I don't think he's been moving around much for awhile & the ground was soft, so this will be a lot different for him.

Give fuzzy headed Patrick a hug.

Patti said...

About the traffic - Tish didn't mention about the fire truck and ambulance with lights and sirens that came by.

Tish said...

Yes, I did forget about them, by that time they were just one more new thing to add to a long list of new things for him to absorb, which he seemed to do with style & grace.