Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lakota Camp, Pine Ridge 1891

Today was a good day for Gus.  He ate his breakfast, & then went out & stayed out most of the day roaming around.  We went to town this afternoon & when we came home he was laying down in his pen, with Quilla & Daisy standing guard.  I have no idea what that was about.  Maybe he's finding some new friends.  Daisy usually doesn't like Quilla, so I was surprised to see both of them in his pen with him.  Daisy left the pen when she saw us, but Quilla stayed. 

This morning when we doctored Noelle's eye, I noticed not only was it watering, but the 3rd eye which comes out from underneath was sticking up & is red.  Seems like we've been doctoring her eye for quite sometime, so I called the vet & she'll be out Friday morning to see if she can figure out what's going on.  Noelle's eye is clear & she can see out of it.  The vet said if there was something in her eye, it wouldn't have cleared up.  She asked if Noelle was any easier to work with.........!!!  She does pretty good as long as John doesn't run out of treats, but I wouldn't say she is cooperative.   


Witcheylady said...

That's neat about Daisy & Quilla standing guard.

Tish said...

Especially since Daisy does not like Quilla. I'm curious to see if they do it again. He's out & about today has been since morning.