Saturday, March 26, 2011

GUS IS OUT AGAIN...............!!!!

This is Gus munching on one of the trees.  Jenny is watching with great interest.  Jenny is our local "working" girl, she likes the boys, & anytime a new one comes in she checks him out.   He pretty much ignored her & she finally went away.  

Yesterday he went back in his pen after a couple of hours & never went back out.  This morning he ate some of his hay & was getting ready to lay down in the pen.  I ran over & opened the gate so he could go out & get some exercise.  Most of our guys look at an open gate as something to be challenged & is best when it's behind them on their way to somewhere more interesting.  He finally went out & is now roaming around.  John picked up his hay & left the gate open, so he can go back in if he wants.  If he goes back in the pen we'll put the hay down for him, but we couldn't leave it there, with an open gate...........!!!!   I'd rather he stay out, roam around, & if he feels like laying down use one of the multiple dusting areas all over the property.  

Noelle's cheek was all wet this morning from her rubbing her eye.  We leave her fly mask on 24/7, so she hopefully can't get in there & do damage.  The eye looks good, we're still flushing it with penicillin every day & hopefully it will quit itching before she damages it again.  She is actually starting to look forward to us doctoring her.  I think the treats John stuffs her with is probably a big factor.  You have to watch her, if she sees your hand, she tries to grab a treat  whether there is one or not being offered.   I don't get involved in that part of the treatment, I'm the "bad" cop.......!!!! We'll work on changing that behavior once the eye is healed, this is better than having her spin & take off, or throw a kick.........!!!!  LOL


Morning Bray Farm said...

Good for Gus - and Noelle. So glad to see that Gus is settling in nicely. :)

Tish said...

I hope his feet get more comfortable for him quickly. He's been going in & out of his pen today & old grumpy Noelle was hanging around with him for awhile, which was pretty neat.

Apifera Farm said...

Just checking in- you are busy as usual. Catching up!

Tish said...

I think the "hurrier I go the behinder I get"..........!!!! But every day is always interesting. I"m sure you know what I'm talking about.......!!!