Monday, March 14, 2011

NEVER BORED.............EVER........!!!

Yesterday morning I noticed something hanging from Rusty  Mule's stomach.  I just walked over & flicked it off.  Well it happened to be a fish hook cactus spine & it's little friends, so he flinched.  I reached down to feel the area & he acted like it really was sore.  This morning it was swelled up more than it was last night.  I called the vet, (I really should put her number on speed dial, I guess) after discussing what antibiotics I had, opted for Baytril.  It might be a little overkill, but I have it & need to use it before it outdates anyway.  The problem with Baytril is, you can't give it as a shot with equines, only by mouth.  And it smells like paint thinner, I tasted it one time & that was enough. When I was giving it to Chester & Tula I mixed it with molasses & then in their beet pulp mix.  They ate it like it was good, but Rusty has a "judgemental" palate & I thought he might give me "the look".  I was really happy when he decided the molasses was worth it.  Hopefully in the morning it will be getting smaller.

This morning when Noelle came in she had a real watery eye, but it was open.  Tonight when she came in, the eye was still watering, & about half way closed.  She isn't easy to catch, put a halter on or work with.  I don't think anyone in her 24 years spent much time with her at all.  She likes men better than women, & will let John put a halter on easier than me.  Rinsed it out, looked at it & not only is it cloudy, but the white part is bright red.  Called the vet again, she can't come out in the morning, said I could use any eye ointment without steroids.  I just happened to have some, so we went back out & irritated Noelle again.  After John took the halter off, we got the brilliant idea that it would have been a good idea to leave it on, because we're going to be doing it again in the morning.  If it doesn't look a lot better we'll get the vet out as soon as she can come.  Eyes are nothing to mess with or to let go to hopefully get better.  Because they usually don't.........!!!!

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