Friday, March 18, 2011

BlackJack & I had an "interesting" bonding experience this morning.  They are shooting a movie up at Gammon's Gulch this week, & got an idea to use a couple of the donkeys.  They wanted them to drag a handcuffed man down the street being led by a miner.  If they think any of these donkeys are going to work that hard, I think they might get a surprise......!!!  LOL 

We have had a pack saddle for years, never done anything with it.  The other movie the donkeys were in, which incidentally, we've never heard anything about, they didn't need to be "dressed".

I've never put a pack saddle on anyone.  John had a jeep tour today, so I got out the saddle got all the straps & buckles going the right direction. I have saddled horses, but it's been a LONG time ago.  Tied BJ up & started putting the saddle on.  Looked at it & turned it around, I at least know the cinches hang from the right side.....!!! Got it all lined up, organized & decided to fit the breast strap & crupper or britchin, I'm not sure of the correct term for the part that goes from the saddle in 3 directions over the butt & under the tail to keep the saddle from slipping forward. 

BJ is a very mellow fellow, & usually goes along to get along..........BUT.........  he let me know in no uncertain terms that we weren't going to do THAT....!!!!  Supposedly he's been packed, but we've had him over 11 years, so it's been awhile.  I don't think they forget, but he obviously either never had one put on him, or had one & didn't want another one.  

So if he & Cisco are going to be movie stars, they will have halters, leads & that's all.  

For years the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary have picked up 25 pound sacks of carrots for us when they get their produce for the birds.  It's not that much cheaper than buying them at the grocery store, but the carrots are gigantic, sometimes 3 or 4 inches across the top, which the donkeys love.

When we first started getting them I think a bag was like $ 8-9.  Of course it's been a few years ago, but this morning we paid $20.50....!!!!   YIKES!  Talk about sticker shock.  I can't imagine how much their total bill for produce has gone up, because with over 700 birds they use a lot of fresh fruit & vegetables, every day.  Glad we just get a bag of carrots.  Maybe I better start paying more attention at the grocery store, when I'm buying for us. 

I could see Noelle's iris in her eye this morning thru the cloudiness, so I hope that means it's getting better & she will be able to see out of it when this is all over.  The surrounding eye lid still looks swollen & red though, so I would imagine it's going to take a long time for it to completely heal.  John says she's getting easier to doctor.  I think that observation is because he is holding the lead that is tied around the corral panels, not because he is the one trying to get 3ccs of penicillin into her eye.....!!!!

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