Saturday, March 19, 2011


This morning when we went out to feed I looked at Noelle & noticed one side of her face was wet coming out from under her fly mask.   My first thought was, the eye has collapsed........!!!!  Shrieked for John, he came running, we "captured" her, took off the mask & the eye looked fine.  Still a little cloudy, but relatively dry, so I have no idea where all the wetness came from that was literally dripping off her jaw.   We doctored her this morning without tying her to the corral panels.  John is getting pretty black & blue from bouncing off the panels.  She danced around some, but not really any worse than when we had her tied, & we can get in the middle of the pen, which cuts down on things to bounce off of in the heat of battle.  

We got finished with her, & noticed that Quilla wasn't eating his hay, he was standing by the feed room......!!! SIGH!  He wasn't acting choked no drooling, or like colic, he was just standing & not eating.  I felt the favorite choke area on a donkey, where the head attaches to the neck & felt a small lump.  I worked it for a little while, but it didn't seem to make a difference.  He went over & laid in one of the dusting areas, didn't seem particularly restless or anything.  I told John I would go ahead & give him some banamine.  Banamine is really a wonder drug, for colic or pain treatment.  Unfortunately it can also mask what the real problem is, so it shouldn't be used at the drop of a hat.  Whatever was bothering him really didn't seem bad, although for him not to eat is pretty important.  I went in to get the banamine, came out & he was eating his hay.......!!!!  I honestly think they do these things for the shock appeal & the reaction they get from me.......!!!  Not really, but they do seem to like to make me worry.

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