Friday, March 25, 2011


After everyone was doctored & finished with breakfast we let him out.  Left his fly mask off in case someone wanted to use it as a handle.  It was 28 degrees here this morning, so flies haven't really been a problem so far this year.  

You will notice in the picture his butt has not cleared the gate, & he is already chomping on a tree.  He actually left hay in his bunk.  I think he is use to having access to his bunk all day, so isn't in any hurry to eat, since it's always there.  He'll have to change his MO, when I came back from taking videos, there were 3 donkeys in his pen squabbling over his hay.  I ran them out & closed the gate, so now they are standing outside the gate, banging on it occasionally to see if it will miraculously open, this bunch doesn't let any morsel of hay survive, believe me....!!!! 

I've been out to check on him a couple of times & he's just walking around checking things out.  So far they aren't "ganging" up on him, first one & then another one goes with him for awhile, then they wander off & someone else takes over the "job".  

Quilla seems to be the most loyal, he's staying with him the longest.  Of course as usual the dogs bark like crazy.  Anytime a new donkey comes in the dogs act like they've never seen one before.  It takes a day or so, for them to start minding their own business again.  

Gus is pretty ouchy on his front feet stepping toe first, but the last time I checked he seemed to be  striding out better.  I would imagine he will be sore tonight, but hopefully after a few days, his feet will toughen up, Courtney is suppose to be back in a couple of weeks to trim some more.  If he moves around a lot that will help to keep his feet "trimmed" too. 

We'll be feeding early today.  Racing season has started & you know what they say, "there's no fool like an old fool".  After not racing since 1980, I am giving it another try this year.  A friend has a 4 cylinder Toyota that races in the Hornet Class,  in fact it's the one I rode in last year when Zach the young man that is away to college drove & we won a heat race.......!!!  Anyway Will ask if John would like to drive it.  John said he wanted me to drive, so I'm going to give it a try.  First race was last week, & I finished 8th after starting 9th out of 13 cars, so I guess it could be worse...!!!   When I came in I told the guys, I was going to put a squirrel tail on the back of the car, I think I drove twice as far as anyone else in the race, a lot of it off the track.......!!!  LOL

Tonight is practice, I think I need a LOT of it.....!!!  Way back in the "OLD" days, we didn't have power steering, or front wheel drive, & I was 30 years younger, so I've got a lot to deal with.  Our grandson isn't racing this year, but I told our son that he could park away from us if he didn't want anyone to know his old mom was out there acting silly.  He said he didn't care, & even gave me a couple of pointers, the front wheel drive is really throwing me. 

Last week, me getting ready to be rude, to somebody....!!!

Thanks Tim

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