Monday, March 28, 2011

Gus & other things


I wish Gus would show a little more interest in his surroundings.  He seems rather lethargic, not really interested in going out & checking out 30 acres, he would rather just hang around the pen area.  I've never had one not interested in getting away from the pens, & investigating all the new interesting stuff.  He is even leaving hay in the morning.  I am feeding less hay than he was getting, & would expect him to be hungry, but he doesn't seem to be.  

Yesterday Cisco went over to Gus' pen & they were smelling noses thru the fence.  Gus actually shook his head at Cisco a little bit, which is about the most energy I've seen him put out since he got here I think.  

Right now just about everyone else seems to have spring fever.  They are running around, boys chasing girls, girls teasing boys & Lynn one of the minis is acting silly as usual.  When we have one of these "hormonal" parties Lynn always latches onto Tula.  Tula is the head jenny & for some reason Lynn desperately has to be touching her at all times, much to Tula's disgust.  She stays with Tula no matter where she goes, or how much effort she puts into ditching Lynn.  It's almost impossible to get Lynn in her pen.  First we have to extricate her from Tula's pen, then get her to go in a straight line towards her pen, rather than spinning around & running back to Tula's pen, screeching at the top of her lungs.  And Tula tries not to go into her pen, as long as Lynn is right by her side.  

When it's time to let them out, John usually lets the west pens out first, which is where Lynn is, Tula is in the east pens.  Lynn flies out of the pen, running & screeching, straight down to Tula's pen, to wait until Tula is released, so she can start touching her again.  Tula use to try to run away from her, but has given up I guess. 

We still have the 3 kittens in the spa room.  We might have a home for Snooky, but it's a home with 3 dogs & a doggie door.  He is still a little unsure of people, so I'm not sure that would be a good home for him.  We're working with him to get him a little more use to people, but he's still very cautious.  We're afraid if he got scared & out the doggie door, he'll get lost & scared. 

I haven't had the nerve to let them into the rest of the house yet.  Sunny & Nigel cause enough damage without adding 3 more.  Poor Moogee just hisses & swats at any of them that come close to her.  Sunny, goes back & forth from the spa room to the rest of the house.  The other day Moogee just "had" to go in the spa room, so I let her in.  She went in with guns blazing,hissing & swatting.  Not exactly the best way to make new friends, they all ran & hid, can't blame them.  So she hasn't got to go back again.  Sunny goes in, plays awhile, checks out their food, takes a nap & is ready to come back in the rest of the house.  He has the best of both worlds I guess. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

Sounds like it's never a dull moment for you! :) You must have so much fun watching all of the interactions and behavior (just as we do).

Sending positive thoughts and warm wishes Gus's way... chin up little buckaroo!

Tish said...

Yes I love to watch the interaction. I realize putting human behavior patterns into what they do, probably has nothing to do with their behavior. But it's fun to try to figure out what they are doing & why.