Saturday, January 29, 2011


This has been an "interesting" day.  Pigs out this morning after breakfast.  They had gone thru the fence inside the shelter, between them & the goats & then took out the 6 foot gate they bent the first time they got out, & wiggled underneath the corral panel standing in front of it, behind T-posts.  A few horse treats & they were more than willing to follow me back to the pen.  John & I spent most of the morning pounding T-posts & attaching corral panels & pig panels to them.  Probably less than an hour later, John gave the cry, "pigs out" & sure enough they were running around in the  donkey pens, with the donkeys watching from afar.  This time they weren't quite so willing to head straight back to their pen, but eventually went in.  More pounding & attaching........!!!  Probably less than 1/2 hour, & they were out again, pulled the T-posts out of the ground.  

I was in the house trying to catch up on what I should have gotten done earlier, & John came in said they were out, & the big one bit him.  He picked up a stick to try to head her in the right direction & she turned on him, knocked him down & bit him.  She only bit him once & backed off, thank goodness.  

We obviously had no way to keep them in effectively, so they are now staying in the stock trailer until we take them back to the owner Monday.  She said the reason the pig went after John was a guy that took care of her one time, use a hot shot stick to move her.  That might have been good information to have, huh?  

The goats have not been much better, they have destroyed the outer fencing around the chicken pen area.  SIGH!  The owner said to bring them too, which is fine with us.  

I hope she finds a place to live soon, I guess we'll still have the 6 horses unless they really mess up.  Sprite one of the mares, really hates the donkeys & doesn't seem to be changing her mind about it either.  So the sooner they leave the better.  The donkeys really don't care, they just stay away from her pen.  But Rusty the mule would love to be friends, he loves horses.  So he keeps trying to go close to her pen, & she lunges at him.  

John has threatened to crush my computer if I ever see an ad to take care of someone's animals, while they find a new place to live.  LOL

Buffy's new owner's picked her up this morning, & the other 3 got released in the back yard.  They came back for supper tonight, so I guess they aren't holding a grudge.  We put their daddy, (OJ, he's an orange tabby) in their "kitty condo".  (Yes, we caught him last night)  He's actually not bad to work with, he meows at us, instead of hissing & lunging at the wire.  I'll call Monday & see if we can get him in quickly for "brain" surgery.

Now if we could just catch Hobo, I think our mission would be accomplished. 

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