Thursday, January 20, 2011


The cage we had the 4 kittens in is about 3' x 4', which isn't a lot of room for them.  So last night we put our collective minds together & came up with an idea to give them a little more room.  

They now have a living room/bedroom & a bathroom, dining area.  Still not a lot of room, but they don't seem to really be upset.   Although Snooky & Julius do still hiss at us occasionally, but not with a lot of rancor.  I hope now that there is room for 2 litter boxes  they won't fill up so fast.  Four kittens & one litter box, wasn't doing very well.  

Buffy is the one that is "front & center".  She seems to think it's all a great adventure & very interesting.  Wookie isn't quite as involved, but she doesn't seem to be too upset.  The 2 boys, Julius & Snooky still don't think much of the whole situation.  Just wait until Monday, they'll really be unhappy......!!!!!  LOL 

It stayed warm enough last night that Sha'ba didn't need his blanket.  We put a micro-fiber blanket on him, just in case.  They really work well if a "real" blanket might be too much.  He can even lay down & it stays on him.  Our winter could be over, at least the below freezing part.  We usually only have bad weather from around Christmas until the end of January, so hopefully we're thru the worst part.  I know our winter isn't anything compared to what a lot of the country gets, but desert dwellers really whine when it gets cold & stays that way for a few days. 


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