Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last night I got the brilliant idea that since the kittens have been neutered, the male might not recognize them as family anymore & might kill them.  And also if we set a trap for him, we'd probably catch kittens.  So John set the trap on the back porch & within an hour we had "lift off".  A very unhappy large male orange tabby cat, that just barely fits in a trap made for skunks & raccoons. what?  The kittens are still in their kitty condo, although we plan on letting the other 3 out, once Buffy's new family picks her up.  Trying to figure out how to line up doors that open different ways, or just don't line up at all, is giving me a headache.  Moving a large tom cat is quite different than moving little 5 pound kittens.  He hasn't acted aggressive, you know slamming against the cage with teeth bared & claws at the ready......!!!!  But even if he's not an attack type of guy, given the chance I'm sure he wouldn't "hop" from one cage into another.  So he got to stay in the trap all night & when we get done with chores, we'll see if we can get him moved.  He's going to have to stay in a cage until I can get an appointment with the vet hopefully Monday.  

This morning the dogs were barking, John looked out & there was a coyote drinking from one of the water tanks.  We haven't seen a coyote on the property in a long time, now I'm worried about the kittens, once we turn them loose again.  They have survived this long, so hopefully this coyote was just passing thru.  

Hobo usually won't come up on the porch if the trap is there, but this morning I looked out & she was laying beside it.  So I guess they do have a family relationship, rather than the "BIM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM", I think of as a "cat date". 

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