Sunday, January 16, 2011


We got home from the races tonight 1/2 hour earlier than last night.  Rang the bell, & it didn't take them very long to show up to go into their pens.  Actually when we drove in & I was unlocking the gate, they started braying from Burroland, so I would imagine they started moving when they heard the van.  

The races didn't go as well as we would like.  Our good friend Larry raced yesterday and today.  He's raced over 40 years like us, so he's a little "long in the tooth",  as they say.  But he is a good racer, he goes out there every time & is fun to watch.  He was leading the race and we all had visions of a win against all those "young" whipper snappers.  He was coming down the back straight away went into the corner and it was like something broke on the car.  He went into the wall, climbed it, and then the car went over the wall and landed on it's wheels.  I had to wait until someone came over to the grandstands to tell me what happened.  They told me he blacked out, didn't remember what happened after he came out of turn # 2, until he "woke" up on the wall., in between turns 3 & 4.   He wasn't hurt or anything, but we're all a little worried because no one knows what happened.  John drove Larry's rig about 1/2 way to where he lives & his neighbors met us & drove him the rest of the way home.  He was arguing he felt fine & all that, but we out voted him about driving home.  

I guess the donkeys will be shocked tomorrow when they get fed at the regular time.  It only takes a day or two for them to settle into a new routine, so I would imagine they will be over in Burroland at feeding time.  They do react to the bell being rung though. 

There was a call on the answering machine when we got home, from a lady in Phoenix that wants to bring a group out for a tour.    I had forgotten a few months ago a writer came out to get information for Phoenix Magazine on interesting places to visit in Cochise County.  So now we've got to find a Phoenix Magazine to see what they said about us. 

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