Saturday, January 22, 2011

WHAT WAS I THINKING........??????

Over the last couple of weeks or so a woman had put a call out locally on the internet for a place to put her animals, because of having to move & not having found a place.  She was afraid she was going to lose her animals.  I saw the first couple of messages, but the last one was getting down to the wire, this Monday being the last day.  

I asked John if he thought we could help.  Of course he said yes, (you'd think he'd learn by now) so I got in touch with her.  She came out yesterday & we put out heads together & came up with a plan, that hopefully will work.  

There are 2 mares with 4 & 5 month old foals.  Looks like Daisy is getting thrown out of her pen at feeding time, but C.J's little pen is available, so she can eat in there.  She also has 2 stud colts age 1 & 3.  We figured out a large open space out by the driveway gate they can go in a pen with hot wire.  We've never used a hot wire, so that should be educational, I hope not TOO educational, cause I'm sure I'll be the first one to "test" it.  Since they are at the "boys will be boys" stage she's afraid they might think chasing old crippled donkeys might be fun.  Then there is the 800 pound momma pig with her daughter.  They are pets, & she knew no one would give them a forever home.  She has hog panels, & a pen can be built over by the chicken pen, & they will be able to use one of the pens as shelter.  Did I mention the 3 goats?  While they are here, they will have use of the chicken pen & our chickens will stay in their house, which is 13 x 18.  As they have gotten older they have spent most of their time in there anyway.  

We're not even involved with the great dane, smaller dog, momma cat & her 3 kittens............!!! LOL 

She says 2 months at the most, I certainly hope so, because her base of operations is about 50 miles away...............which means we'll be taking care of them most of the time.  

She also has 2 twenty year old geese, & a rooster & hen.  Terry a friend of ours has offered to take the poultry, don't think the deal is done as yet.  Terry has a rather large family of animals, including dogs, donkeys, mules, pot bellied pigs, & an assortment of ducks, chickens, etc, & seems to always have room for one or two more.  

We will probably help with the hauling tomorrow, I think we'll haul the mares with their babies, & the goats.  

The kittens have really mellowed out.  We can't hardly keep Buffy in when we feed, or change the litter boxes, she wants to come out & get petted.  Someone ask what we're going to do with them once they are "fixed".  We'll bring them home & after a few days to heal turn them loose in their childhood neighborhood.  It's fairly safe, coyotes don't like the donkeys & it's a mutual dislike. The neighbor's dogs are down from a high of 16 to only one that runs loose.  The tom cat has laid out on the porch with them running around, I hope having them spayed & neutered, won't change his mind about them being part of the family.  We will try to catch him as soon as possible, for his date with destiny.  So unless someone wants them, they can stay here. 


Anonymous said...

Your heart is so big, thanks for caring.

Tish said...

And we're not bored, that's for sure...........!!!! LOL

PaintedPromise said...

oh my gosh Tish and i thought i was a nut case lol...

hey when you get a chance in between all your new critter kids, go here:

you are "This One" #11 :)

Bisbeehemian said...

wow, things do never get boring around your place. You and John have giant hearts. How wonderful of you to take them in

Tish said...

I just hope the owner finds a place to live...........real soon.....!!! (G)