Sunday, January 09, 2011


The little mule didn't make it.  This is such a heartbreaking situation, she was so cute & so many people had become involved in her birth & the days following.  They have 8 more mares that might have the same situation.   Maybe this little girl was the educator, to make sure the others get taken care of properly.  

We have proven that Noelle is more stubborn than we are I guess.  This morning we broke down & mixed a couple of pounds of alfalfa in with her bermuda.  She just hasn't been eating much at all.  We assume she is eating when she is out of the pen, but I doubt that she has eaten 10 pounds of hay since she's been here, about 2 weeks.  When we'd put hay in her feeder, she would just look at us with sad eyes.  

With the addition of alfalfa, she ate all of the hay in her bunk.  So we will continue to add alfalfa to her hay & put in less & less, until hopefully she'll just be eating bermuda.  I have a feeling she will figure out what we are doing & we'll get more sad looks.  

Jenny is really having trouble walking right now.  I don't know if something is going on in her front feet or what.  We know from x-rays taken about 3 1/2 years ago, she has demineralization of the coffin bones.  We thought about taking her up to Gilbert to the Equine Clinic for evaluation.  Courtney has had experience with feet like hers, & says eventually she will start laying down & there would come a day when she won't get up.  I would hope we would not let her go that far before we let her go.  We ordered some boots for her but they are too small. Courtney  told me they probably would be, but I thought the other size was much too big.  SIGH!  I told Courtney she shouldn't listen to me.....!!! (G)  So now we have to wait until we get the new ones to see if they make Jenny more comfortable.   

It's warmed up enough that Sha'ba is just wearing his blanket at night, no leg wraps or boots.  Pepper is still prancing around like a youngster.  He's worn out the knee covering we've kept on his bad knee for the last month or so.  I need to try to make another one.  I am NOT a seamstress, & it shows when I do sew something.  I'm pretty sure it won't be a thing of beauty, but it will keep his knee warm. 

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