Monday, January 10, 2011


Jenny is really having problems with one of her front feet.  I soaked her again this morning, but unfortunately her feet are so "shelly" that I'm afraid to soak her very much.  If it's an abscess soaking would help to get it to open up, but I really don't think her feet will take it.  Courtney said she will come out Thursday to see if there is something more we can do.  Courtney said she's seen some other abscesses this week, so hopefully that's what it is.  Jenny doesn't need any changes for the worse in her feet, that's for sure.  

Miss Noelle is enjoying her alfalfa & will eat the bermuda as long as they are mixed together very well.  This morning John was a little lax in his mixing, & she preceded to throw the larger clumps of bermuda over the side.  We went to the feed store this afternoon & got her a good bale of alfalfa, that hadn't been sitting in the chicken house for weeks, so tomorrow morning she should really be thrilled.  

I also found out she will eat Strategy, but still  will not eat timothy pellets or Lakin Lite.  She will only be getting about 1/4 a cup twice a day & I will continue to "sneak" in a few of the others just to see who is going to win the battle.  That shouldn't be too much to interfere with her "diet".  She's carrying some extra weight we'd like to get off her.  She is pretty sway backed, & with exercise & losing the weight she is carrying, we hope she will get a little better top line.

She still doesn't know who to hang with, so far Jack the mule seems to be the chosen one, although she has come in with Tula & Chester a couple of times.  At least Quilla has stopped trying to keep her out of her pen, I really don't know why he thought he should be in charge, glad he stopped.  Now he just ignores her.....!!!  (G) 

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