Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IT JUST GOES ON & ON.......!!!

I just got an e-mail about a 24 year old gelding who's owner lost her home and isn't fitting in where he was rehomed...........SIGH.....!!!!  It just never ends, I'm afraid.  We'll have to talk it over, since we're of course full as usual.  

This afternoon we started catching the 4 kittens to have them spayed and neutered.  Wish we could catch Hobo, I think she has had another litter, we saw her yesterday and she looks thin.  She also was hissing at Wookie & Buffy, wouldn't let them come close to her.  So I guess her motherly duties to these 4 are over.   

So far we have Buffy and Snooky.  Buffy wasn't much of a problem, John said he probably could just pick her up, but we set the trap and she hopped in.  She got her rabies shot and went in a holding pen in the garage.  John set the trap in the hay barn next, and when he checked it Snooky was in it, bouncing off the sides.  Reminded us of Stryker, who probably is the kittens uncle.  We think he and the big yellow tom cat we can't catch, are brothers.  Since Stryker did go to the vet for "corrective" surgery, he's not responsible for the kittens.  

Snooky was really unhappy, hissing, and bouncing.  After mellow Buffy he was really being a drama queen about the whole situation.  I talked John into wearing his field jacket & gloves to take them out of the trap, & hold them while I gave them their rabies shot.   We decided the best place to work was the garage bathroom, with the door shut.  When John opened the trap, Snooky was ready to fly.  Of course with gloves on it's a little hard to catch and hold.   Snooky kinda flew thru John's hands and was headed across the sink to somewhere.  I pinned him in the sink, as he bit down on my thumb, and dug a claw into another finger.  One thing I've learned after a lifetime of dealing with animals is....... no matter how bad you think it is, if you let go, it's going to get worse.....!!! LOL  So I hung on until John could grab him and get Snooky's head trapped under his arm.  He got his shot, and once we put him in the holding cage with Buffy, he just laid down and acted like it was no big deal.  Of course we haven't tried to mess with him either......!!!  

So far Wookie and Julius aren't going to play the game.  Of course we haven't put out dry food for them either, so they are on the back porch looking in the window like we aren't too bright.  We've about decided to go ahead & take the trap out of play for the night, feed them, and give them a chance to hopefully forget about what happened to their brother and sister.

Jenny is walking pretty good for her, finally.  It's warmed up somewhat, don't know if that is helping her or not but I'm glad to see some improvement.  I'm anxious to see if the boots will make a difference.  They sure have helped Lucy be more comfortable.  

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