Sunday, January 02, 2011

 Noelle & Rusty in the background

Got up this morning to 13 degrees..............NOT what we expect in Arizona, especially after yesterday only got into the 40's & not very far into them at that. 

John went out & immediately came back in to report the pipe that goes from the well in the well house to the 2000 gallon holding tank was split.  I remember having a conversation more than once in the fall about wrapping the pipe to keep this from happening.  At the time I was told the donkeys would eat the insulation or at least remove it.  So it didn't get done.  Now he gets to go to town today to buy the stuff he needs to replace the pipe..........!!!   Inquiring minds want to know if he will wrap or not..........??  (G)

Heard from Ernie that C.J. has settled in, & Moose his gelding thinks she hot stuff, & the mare, not so much.  He didn't say what the goat thinks, but before it's over I bet she will be running the place.  She really has a lot of personality

Noelle went out yesterday wandered around, sometimes with the others, sometimes by herself.  When it came time to go in for evening feeding, we headed her in that direction & in she went.  This morning not quite as smooth, but she does seem to be smart enough to figure out there's two of us & only one of her.  

She still isn't eating the bermuda hay at all, I don't worry so much now that she is going out, she can eat wild food.  She needs to go on a diet anyway.  She isn't interested in Lakin Lite or timothy pellets, will eat Fruit Loops (with a pergolide capsule, she doesn't know about yet) & animal crackers, although she won't take them from our hand.  

If I was taking bets I'd say she has always been fed alfalfa, & was kept as a companion for the mare she was with at the rescue.  She doesn't act like she's had much interaction with people at all, & seems to be use to discontinuing the relationship, by just walking away.  I won't let her do that, we always end our "conflict" with her at least facing me with both eyes.  She shows no interest in having anything to do with people.  That's OK, we'll work on it.


Anonymous said...

Nice ass!

Tish said...

She's got plenty of it, that's for sure.....!!!