Friday, January 28, 2011

Well tonight at feeding time was quite interesting.  I was in the house after John & Destiny had gone out to do round-up.  I heard what sounded like a lot of noise, horses whinnying, feet pounding, really strange.  Went out & saw Sprite the appy mare running around like a maniac........!!!  Since she was suppose to be in a pen I was a little surprised.  Yelled at John, who incidently was also running around like a maniac, what happened.  During the day the mares & 2 foals have access to all of the pens on the west side.  In the process of getting them all back into their pens, John thought he could leave a side gate open & they wouldn't notice.  Sprite noticed..........!!!!  He said the first & foremost thought in her mind was...........GET RUSTY...........!!!! She lunges at him anytime he gets within 5 feet of the pens.  She is such a witch that Tula doesn't even want to go into her pen to eat, they share a corral panel & Tula doesn't want to be that close to Sprite.  


So she comes out & proceeds to chase poor old Rusty all over the place.  John had managed to keep her colt Galileo, in the pens.  So she would chase Rusty for awhile & then come back to the pen to try to get in.  Then off to chase Rusty again.  We got Galileo, Angel & Azul (he & his momma are both blue eyed) into another pen, opened the gate to the front pen & in she went.  She is well behaved, but sure doesn't like the long ears.  

This morning John had to do some more work on the pig pen area.  Niki the momma pig can really tear stuff up.  I gave them some bananas this morning, they were a definite hit.  Not so much with the goats.  

John set the trap to hopefully catch the kitten's daddy, a great big yellow tabby tomcat.  It would be really great if we could catch him tonight, because tomorrow we'll let the kittens outside.  It's been 5 days since their surgery, & they have all done just fine.  I know they will be glad to get out of their little "apartment" & back to running between the hay barn & the back yard.   I would imagine if we don't get him tonight, we'll probably catch some of the kittens before we get him, if we ever get him.  He might be as smart as their momma, Hobo.  Buffy will be going to her new home tomorrow.  

This is Noelle, "visiting" with Echo & Wicked, the stud colts.  She has been spending quite a bit of time with them.  She really seems to prefer horses although we have seen her with Jenny & Frijolita a few times.  

When I went out to get her, she whirled around & took off running back towards her pen.  She's a little "fluffy" to be running, but all that flesh flopping around didn't seem to slow her down very much.  

John has been cutting back on the amount of alfalfa he was mixing in her hay.  A few days ago she stopped eating her hay.  John upped the alfalfa & she went back to eating.  I don't know if we will ever get her weaned off alfalfa, we've never had one hold out like she does. 

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