Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GOT 'EM...............!!!


I am happy to say we have all 4 kittens in a large cage in the spa room.  This morning we tried baiting the trap, & both Wookie & Julius wasn't having any of it.  We also brought Buffy & Snooky down from the garage & put them in the spa room. 

We had a couple of tours this morning, which the donkeys really enjoyed,  & had to go someplace this afternoon, so after no interest this morning, I decided to try opening the spa room outside door & maybe they would go in & visit with their brother & sister.  They had great fun hopping in & out, but as soon as they would see us, they would HOP OUT quickly......!!!  

Michelle was here cleaning house, when we left.  When we got back she said Wookie was in the spa room.  Michelle had been cleaning outside & left the spa room door open, & I guess Wookie went in & didn't notice someone was within range of the door.  
Of course having her in the spa room, meant we had to catch her.  We have a big fish landing net, we use to use to catch guineas...........well attempt to catch guineas.  They are hard to catch even in the dark, I swear they can see even if you blind them with a flashlight.  

So John put on his field jacket & started trying to catch her...............Hmmmm she really wasn't interested in being caught & it took us awhile to finally get her.  She got her shot & joined the other two in the cage.  One more to go, & Julius really was a challenge.  He would go into the open door to visit & to eat, but as soon as anyone moved he flew out the door.  John even tried sneaking out the courtyard door & as soon as Julius saw him in the back yard, he took off.  John finally had what I think was a brilliant idea, he opened the door just part way, tied a cord on it, ran it across the porch to the patio door & we waited.  Didn't take long before Julius went in to eat, John pulled the cord, & the door went shut.  He was harder to catch than Wookie, he bounced off the windows so many times, he ended up with a bloody nose, poor little guy.  

But now they are all together, until Monday when they have appointments to have "corrective" surgery.  I told the vet clinic I think we have 2 boys & 2 girls.  I had great plans to check everyone to make sure, but never did, it was a miracle that we got them caught & checking them got lost in the battle.

When we had the tours this morning, Buster nipped a woman on her backside.  She wasn't forthcoming with hay pellets I guess, & he thought he'd speed up process.  Lucy & Buster have always been out when people come & usually escort the people around in a mannerly way.  But I guess Buster decided to up the ante.  Quilla use to be out too, but he now has to go in a pen, for less that stellar behavior.  Looks like Buster might be joining him in the future. 

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