Saturday, January 15, 2011

We went racing this afternoon, races started at 1pm.  What this means is, we have to feed early enough so the old guys have time to finish before we have to leave.  It also means that we don't get home until after normal afternoon feeding time.  Tonight we didn't get home until 8:05pm, which is about 3 hours late.  

There were no donkeys or mules in the driveway.  BlackJack, Sha'ba, Jack, & Rusty showed up  immediately & when John rang "the bell" we heard a chorus  of everyone else from Burroland.  By the time we went in the house, & fed the cats, there was a herd by the feed room.  Poor little Sha'ba doesn't like to be close to the others, but he wants to keep track of John, so he gets his treat.  Of course all the others have the same idea, which makes for a mess of donkeys all wanting  John's atttention, well actually to be put in their pen & get their treat.  I usually put Sha'ba in  his pen first, but John puts in whoever is the most obnoxious.  Sha'ba kept dancing in & out of the herd, trying to keep track of John.  He'd head for his pen, look back & see that John wasn't coming.  So he'd come back & try again.  It took about 5 or 6 abortive attempts before he FINALLY got John's attention.  He usually won't go in his pen unless we are there to shut the gates, so none of the others can get in there with him.  He seems to know he's vunerable, because of his crippled leg, & blind eye.  

We managed to get them fed in less than an hour, which is great.........BUT........... it still takes the old guys quite awhile to eat.  So we're up late, watching Saturday Night Live.  WOW, there's a whole world out there I don't know about, & I don't think I understand it either.......!!! (G)  Maybe by midnight they'll be done, so we can get some sleep, because we have to get up & do it all over again tomorrow.  Hopefully the races will get done earlier tomorrow.  Thank goodness they don't have these 2 race days back to back very often. 

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