Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm going to be sending Jenny's too small boots back tomorrow & hopefully the bigger ones will get here quickly.  She's walking a little better but not much.  I have looked all over her foot & don't find anyplace that looks like an abscess.  I hope there aren't changes for the worse going on inside her foot.  She is going out & walking around when we let her out of her pen.  For a couple of days she just stayed close to her pen & laid down a lot, so I hope that is a good sign.  

Today John cleaned up  "pee ponds"  in some of the shelters.  I don't understand the reasoning for peeing in them.  It stinks, at least from my point of view & Sha'ba seems to like to lay down in it.  This time of year he is wearing his blanket, which means it gets yucky.  So John got his little Kubota out, set up the sifter in the wash & started sifting.  He has to dig out the yucky pee infested dirt & gravel until he hits clean gravel.  He also has to find someplace to dump the yucky stuff.  Once it's dug out, he fills it in with nice clean sweet smelling sand & gravel, smooths it out & it looks great.  I bet that by tomorrow morning someone will pee in them again.  It's like a cat & a clean cat box, I guess, they can't just leave it clean, it has to be made their private property. 

I spent the afternoon making Pepper a new knee cover.  I'm sure someone that knows what they are doing could have done a dozen in the time it took me to do one, rather pathetic looking one.  I'll probably do better with the next one, but at least his knee is covered.  The one he was wearing was getting worn thru from him laying down.  

Noelle, is continuing to eat her bermuda alfalfa hay mix.  John plans on feeding less & less alfalfa & thinks he can wean her off of it.  She seems to be a formidable opponent when it comes to mind games......!!! (G)

Got a call from Honcho & Buddy Brat's new mom today.  She says they are doing great, have even decided to allow the goats to come in their pen & eat a little hay........well at least sometimes.  She has made them some slow feeders out of rubbermaid rectangular storage containers & hay nets.   She said Buddy was already trying to figure out how to get the darn thing apart, so he could eat faster.  I'm not surprised Buddy does like to eat, that's why he's so "fluffy". 


ellie k said...

miss your posts, hope you are ok.

Tish said...

We're fine, sometimes I just get behind.