Thursday, January 27, 2011


She seems to be walking more comfortable today in her new boots.  I sure hope so, the last few weeks she has moved slow & you could tell her feet were really bothering her.  I use to take Lucy's off for about 6 hours during the day, but lately she's been wearing hers all the time too.  In our haste to get them on her & get everyone else trimmed in a timely manner, we managed to put them on the wrong feet, the logo is suppose to go on the outside of the foot.  I e-mailed Courtney to see if there was a reason to have them like that.  She said it didn't matter the  Soft-rides are round, so there really isn't any difference. 

We were in Tucson all day today.  This is the first day since the influx of "visitors" we've been gone for the day.  We were rather anxious & hoped they behaved themselves & they did for the most part.  Well, except for the goats, trying to get thru the destroyed gate that is now guarded by a corral panel.  They didn't make it, but I'm sure they will try it again.  

Got a call today from a friend that wants to give Buffy a home.  Michelle has met Buffy & says it's time for Mr. Snickers to have a companion.  Buffy will be a good house kitty, I'm glad she will have a family of her own, she really likes people.  

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