Friday, December 31, 2010


Yesterday we delivered C.J. the little mini horse to her new home.  Had to drive thru rain, freezing rain, sleet & snow on the way to Tucson.  At least by the time we got to the other side of Tucson, the sun was shining, which at least gave the illusion of warmth. 

C.J. hopped out of the trailer, walked to her pen like it was all a grand adventure,  & walked past her welcoming committee of 2 large horses & a goat.  They were fascinated & wanted to get close & look her over.  She saw hay in a corner & buried her nose in it & kept them at bay with a half hearted kick if they got too close.   It had rained the night before & some that morning, so the pen was a mess.  I hope she doesn't get thrush again, I'm sure Ernie will keep a close eye on her feet, he said they weren't all that bad & should grow out good.  

It was so cold last night, Sha'ba was shivering this morning, even with his blanket on.  It only got in the 40's today, so tonight I put a microfiber blanket under his regular blanket & also polo wrapped all 4 legs.  When John went out tonight to let the others out he checked on Sha'ba & said he is OK.  

I can't believe that Pepper is still going out every night & walking as good as he is.  This time last year he was blanketed every night, legs covered & was so thin & shaky we never knew what we'd find when we went out in the morning.  He's put on some weight, walks with very little limp & still loves the ladies, or at least would like to........!!!  Dirty old man......!!!!   (G)

We were suppose to pick up Flora & Fauna today, but that didn't happen.  We got there & met with the owner's daughter.  The neighbor that takes care of the older woman, came over & started yelling at the daughter, said she couldn't take the donkeys.  She called the sheriff, which added another level to the problem.  The sheriff went in the house with the daughter & the neighbor to talk to the woman.  I don't know who said what, but the outcome was, she doesn't want the donkeys to leave now.  The donkeys are very overweight, feet that are past needing to be trimmed.  And the one has habronema larvae under both eyes, & they are active under one.  

The sheriff suggested the daughter call the livestock inspector, or go thru the court system.  I doubt that the livestock inspector will get very involved as long as they are standing, & have no idea how long the court system would take.  The daughter is very upset, she wants the donkeys taken care of & says her mother would want them taken care of too, if she didn't have dementia.  All in all a sad situation & I would imagine no matter what the daughter does at this stage it will be wrong, especially if the neighbor keeps the ear of the older woman.  The donkeys aren't in immediate danger, but their situation isn't going to improve I'm afraid.  I left a message for Rebecca, the foster home, I'm sure she is disappointed, but I'm hoping it will all work out soon.  

When we got back this afternoon I thought I'd go in & see how Noelle's "pulse" was.  I think what was thought of as her being shut down, was really a lack of enthusiasm for human companionship.  Not only that, but she tried to impress me with first turning her butt to me, & then throwing a kick towards me a couple of times.  I had a 3 second tantrum & worked with her until she decided to show me both eyes & watch me as I walked around the pen.  We'll let her out tomorrow & see if that sweetens her disposition.  (G) 


Anonymous said...

The daughter should get guardianship of her mom which would allow her to make decisions not only about the animals but her finances, home, etc. Unless there is another sibling that would argue against it, it's a fairly easy thing to do, and would require proof from a doctor that she has dementia and cannot care for herself.

Tish said...

There is a brother & they are both on the same wavelength. The big problem is they want their mom to stay in her home as long as possible, & the neighbor has made that possible. But, from what I saw & heard she has become a problem in the relationship between the mother & daughter. The mother is going to resent anything they do because the neighbor is there to take care of her. Really sad.